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#1 Hispanic Multimedia Group in San Diego

Pulsar 107.3 FM
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In 1979, Uniradio acquired its second radio station, known today as Pulsar 107.3. Now positioned as the #1 pop hits station, intended to satisfy listeners with new and fresh music, in English and Spanish, covering both the San Diego and Tijuana regions.

Station profile
Station profile

Pulsar 107.3 is recognized as a fresh and dynamic radio station, which is constantly innovating and looking for the best in music, promotions and events for its listeners. The radio station is targeted primarily to people between 18 and 44 years old, with purchasing power. Pulsar plays the pop hits of the moment, both in Spanish and English.

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Audience profile
Pulsar 107.3 FM Uniradio Audience profile

Pulsar captivates the ears and minds of men and women between 18 and 44 years old with great purchasing power, who love to stay updated with the latest news in music and entertainment.

Radio DJ’s
Locutores Pulsar 107.3 FM Uniradio
  • Locutor Pulsar 107.3 FMSusana Hernandez
  • Talento al Aire Pulsar 107.3 FMChiquibaby
  • Locutor Pulsar 107.3 FMAlex Morales
  • Talento al Aire Pulsar 107.3 FMUlises Morales
  • Talento al Aire Pulsar 107.3 FMMariana Miller
  • Talento al Aire Pulsar 107.3 FMMijail Quintero
Programming Grid
Programming Grid
Web Pulsar 107.3 FM Uniradio

Find out the latest news about our promotions and giveaways, events, entertainment, concerts and more in our web page. Get updated on the weather forecast or if you need to see waiting times to cross the border. Get access to our social media, and listen live at:

  • pagina web Pulsar 107.3 FM
  • pagina web Pulsar 107.3 FM
  • pagina web Pulsar 107.3 FM
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