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RCN 1470
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RCN 1470 is one of three radio stations that finally unified the group in 1998. A station focused especially on broadcasting the latest news and, of course, settling a dialogue with the community to discuss different public interest issues. As time goes by RCN 1470 has evolved, and now produces a great variety of programs for live entertainment.

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RCN 1470 it's the radio that listens to you. With newscast focused in useful information for the residents, where we listen to their concerns, where there's a space to make their opinion valuable.

RCN 1470 is the radio that listen the people from Tijuana.

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Audience Profile
URCN 1470 Uniradio Audience Profile

The station's audience is basically men and women anywhere from 25 to 60 years old, who are constantly seeking to be updated with the latest news. Interested mostly on what's going on in their community.

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  • Talento al Aire Uniradio 1470 AMDavid Mejía
  • Talento al Aire Uniradio 1470 AMEdmundo Sánchez
  • Talento al Aire Uniradio 1470 AMRobertha
  • Talento al Aire Uniradio 1470 AMElia Manjarez
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